2012 Program

Center for Theoretical Economics 

2012 Kansas Workshop on Economic Theory - Workshop Program 
May 4, 2012 

8:30 amBreakfast
8:55 am

Opening remarks by Joseph Sicilian

Session Chair: Joseph Sicilian
9:00 amAuction Design with Fairness Concerns: Subsidies vs Set-Asides
Presenter: Mallesh Pai
Discussant: Justin Burkett
9:50 am

Endogenous Budget Constraints in Auctions
Presenter: Justin Burkett
Discussant: Mallesh Pai

10:40 am

Coffee break 

Session Chair: Bernard Cornet
11:00 amFinancial Economics without Probabilistic Prior
Presenter: Bernard Cornet
Discussant: Camelia Bejan
11:50 pm

Limited Enforcement, Bubbles and Trading in Incomplete Markets
Presenter: Camelia Bejan
Discussant: Bernard Cornet

12:40 pm


Session Chair: Jianbo Zhang
1:40 pmPreferences for Information and Ambiguity
Presenter: Jian Li
Discussant: Ryoji Sawa
2:30 pm

Coalitional Stochastic Stability in Games, Networks and Markets
Presenter: Ryoji Sawa
Discussant: Jian Li

3:20 pm

Coffee break

Session Chair: Tarun Sabarwal
3:40 pmTreatment Response with Social Interactions: 
Partial Identification via Monotone Comparative Statics

Presenter: Natalia Lazzati
Discussant: Anne-Christine Barthel
4:30 pmComparative Statics and the Gross Substitutes Property of Consumer Demand
Presenter: Anne-Christine Barthel
Discussant: Natalia Lazzati 
5:20 pmClosing Remarks by Bernard Cornet