2013 Program

Center for Theoretical Economics

2013 Kansas Workshop on Economic Theory - Workshop Program 

May 10, 2013 

8:30 am


8:55 am

Opening remarks by Joseph Sicilian

Session Chair: Joseph Sicilian
9:00 amRational Inattention and State Dependent Stochastic Choice
Presenter: Mark Dean
Discussant: Kota Saito
9:45 am

Preference for Flexibility and Randomization under Ambiguity
Presenter: Kota Saito
Discussant: Mark Dean

10:30 am

Coffee break 

Session Chair: Jianbo Zhang
10:45 amProcurement with Adverse Selection and Dynamic Moral Hazard
Presenter: Terence Johnson
Discussant: Caroline Thomas
11:30 am

Experimentation with Congestion: Private and Public Monitoring
Presenter: Caroline Thomas
Discussant: Terence Johnson

12:15 pm


Session Chair: Jianbo Zhang
1:15 pmExtending the Scope of Monotone Comparative Statics Results
Presenter: Anne-Christine Barthel
Discussant: Ayca Kaya
2:00 pm

Trading Dynamics in the Market for Lemons
Presenter: Ayca Kaya
Discussant: Anne-Christine Barthel

2:45 pm

Coffee break

Session Chair: Mohamed El-hodiri
3:00 pmPredictive Repeated Game Theory: Measures and Experiments
Presenter: Julian Romero
Discussant: Mohamed El-hodiri
3:45 pmGames with Strategic Heterogeneity
Presenter: Tarun Sabarwal
Discussant: Julian Romero 
4:30 pmCoffee break
Session Chair: Mohamed El-hodiri
4:45 pmPrice competition, free entry, and welfare in congested markets
Presenter: Emerson Melo
Discussant: Eric Hoffman
5:30 pmGlobal Games Selection in Games with Strategic Substitutes or Complements
Presenter: Eric Hoffman
Discussant: Emerson Melo
6:15 pmClosing remarks by Mohamed El-hodiri