2023 Kansas Workshop in Economic Theory

May 5, 2022


Bo Chen

Bo Chen is currently Associate Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University. He is an applied economic theorist and in the past, he has worked on dynamic games, contract theory and mechanism design. Currently he has been working on projects on information disclosure and economics of language.

Bernard Cornet

Bernard Cornet is Oswald Distinguished Professor of Microeconomics at the University of Kansas. His research interests are in Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Finance, and Optimization.

Sulagna Dasgupta

Sulagna Dasgupta is a PhD student at the University of Chicago. She has broad interests within microeconomic theory, with areas including mechanism design, matching theory, information design and strategic communication. Her most recent research explores how agency issues shape tests of knowledge, e.g. interviews. She has a secondary interest in behavioral and experimental economics. In this area, her most recent research studies the effectiveness of public advisories in the presence of imperfect Bayesian updating and externalities.

Alice Gindin

Alice Gindin is a microeconomic theorist with interests in belief formation and political economy. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and will join Middlebury College as an Assistant Professor of Economics in the fall.

Huiyi Guo

Huiyi Guo is an Assistant Professor in economics at Texas A&M University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Iowa in 2018. She works on microeconomic theory, in particular, mechanism design and information economics.  She has published research papers in Journal of Economic Theory, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Games and Economic Behavior, and Economic Theory.

Elliot Lipnowski

Elliot Lipnowski is an assistant professor of economics at Columbia University studying microeconomic theory. His interests include information disclosure, dynamic games, and strategic uncertainty.

Anne van den Nouweland

Anne van den Nouweland is Professor of Economics at the University of Oregon. She holds a Ph.D. from Tilburg University with a specialization in game theory. She is interested in a variety of applications of game theoretic methods, ideas, and principles, with a focus on applications in economics. Her recent work is related to equilibrium in (local) public good economies, farsighted stability, and axiomatic approaches to coalitional problems. 

Ichiro Obara 

Ichiro Obara is an economic theorist, whose interests include dynamic games, economics of information, mechanism design, and social networks. He has held a position at University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Minnesota.  He is currently a professor of Economics at University of California, Los Angeles. 

Uttiya Paul

Uttiya is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Economics, University of Kansas (Supervisor: Professor Tarun Sabarwal). He completed his MA in Mathematics with honors at the University of Kansas (Supervisor: Professor Bozenna Pasik-Duncan and Professor Tarun Sabarwal). His research interests are Game Theory, Mathematical Economics and Computational Economics. Before joining the University of Kansas in 2018, he was a business analytics professional (2007-2018). He was born in Kolkata, India, enjoys music, reading, swimming and acting, and is blessed with a wonderful loving family. 

Jennifer Roberts

Dr. Jennifer A. Roberts is the Director and Managing Trustee of the Self Graduate Fellowship Department. She also serves as Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs and is a Professor in the Department of Geology. Dr. Roberts received her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin and served as a National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Water Research Division of the USGS before joining the University of Kansas in 2001.

Santanu Roy

Santanu Roy is the University Distinguished Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas). His research focuses on markets with asymmetric information, signaling and disclosure, industrial organization theory, dynamic models of natural resource use and stochastic dynamic optimization with non-convexities

Tarun Sabarwal

Tarun Sabarwal is Professor of Economics at the University of Kansas, author of Monotone Games, and Founder and Director of the Center for Analytical Research in Economics. He received his PhD in economics and MA in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has chaired and organized the Kansas Workshop in Economic Theory since 2009. His interests are in microeconomic theory, game theory, networks, and decentralized interdependent decision making. He is Economic Theory Fellow of SAET. 

Eddie Schlee

Edward Schlee is Professor of Economics at Arizona State University. He holds a BA degree in Social Science (Economics, History, and Philosophy)  from the University of North Texas and a PhD in Economics from the University of Illinois. Schlee works in the economics of uncertainty and information, in particular on the value of information in decisions and games, contract theory, welfare economics, and the history of economic theory.

Akhil Vohra 

Akhil Vohra is an assistant professor of economics at University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. He has broad interests in microeconomic theory, but is particularly focused on market design and networks. He received his Phd in 2021 from Stanford University. Before starting his position at UGA, he completed a one-year fellowship at the University of Cambridge, where he was a fellow at Jesus College.

John Zhu 

John Zhu is Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Kansas. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Finance at The Wharton School. He received his PhD in Mathematics from UC Berkeley. He is interested in incentive theory.

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