Kansas Workshop In Economic Theory

May 5, 2023

Conference Program

Location: Kansas Memorial Union, Centennial Room.  All Times Central



8:50 am

Opening Remarks 

Jennifer Roberts, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Study, University of Kansas

Session 1

Chair: Bernard Cornet, University of Kansas

9:00 am

Title: Optimal Test Design for Knowledge-based Screening

Presenter: Sulagna Dasgupta, University of Chicago 

9:30 am

Title: Pricing for Coordination 

Presenter: Elliot Lipnowski, Columbia University 

10:00 am

Title: Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me: Levels of Majority Language Acquisition by Minority Language Speakers 

Presenter: Bo Chen, Southern Methodist University 

10:30 am

Refreshment Break

Session 2

Chair: John Zhu, University of Kansas

11:00 am

Title: Repeated Trading: Transparency and Market Structure 

Presenter: Santanu Roy, Southern Methodist University 

11:30 am

Title: Optimal Persuasion with Sequential Private Information 

Presenter: Huiyi Guo, Texas A&M University 

12:00 pm

Title: Directional monotone comparative statics in function spaces 

Presenter: Uttiya Paul, University of Kansas 

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

Session 3

Chair: Tarun Sabarwal, University of Kansas

1:30 pm

Title: Local Public Good Equilibrium 

Presenter: Anne van den Nouweland, University of Oregon  

2:00 pm

Title: Prices vs Quantities in the Small and in the Large with Risk Aversion and Income Effects

Presenter: Eddie Schlee, Arizona State University 

2:30 pm

Title: Foundations of models with complementarities 

Presenter: Tarun Sabarwal, University of Kansas 

3:00 pm

Refreshment Break


Session 4

Chair: John Zhu, University of Kansas

3:30 pm

Title: Weighted Garbling     

Presenter: Ichiro Obara, University of California at Los Angeles 

4:00 pm

Title: Betting markets 

Presenter: Bernard Cornet, University of Kansas

4:30 pm

Refreshment Break

Session 5

Chair: Tarun Sabarwal, University of Kansas

5:00 pm

Title: Dynamic Political Investigations: Obstruction and the Optimal Timing of Accusations

Presenter: Alice Gindin, University of Pennsylvania 

5:30 pm

Title: Matching with Costly Interviews: The Benefits of Asynchronous Offers

Presenter: Akhil Vohra, University of Georgia 

6:00 pm

Closing remarks: Tarun Sabarwal, University of Kansas