2019 Program

May 10, 2019
English Room, Kansas Memorial Union

Conference Program

8:30 a.m.Breakfast
8:55 a.m.Opening Remarks: Provost Carl Lejuez, University of Kansas

Session Chair: Tarun Sabarwal

9:00 a.m.Random versus Directed Search for Scarce Resources
Presenter: Teddy Mekonnen, California Institute of Technology
9:35 a.m.Matching in Clusters
Presenter: Octavia Ghelfi, New York University
10:10 a.m.Refreshment Break
Session Chair: Nicholas Yannelis
10:30 a.m.The Distribution of Outcomes for a Networked Economy
Presenter: Janelle Schlossberger, Harvard University
11:05 a.m.Better Monitoring... Worse Productivity?
Presenter: John Zhu, University of Pennsylvania
 Lunch Break
11:45 a.m.Lunch with economics department (De Bruce Center)
Session Chair: Bernard Cornet
1:00 p.m.A new approach to the rational expectations equilibrium: existence, optimality and incentive compatibility
Presenter: Nicholas Yannelis, University of Iowa
1:35 p.m.

Money metrics in applied welfare analysis: a saddlepoint rehabilitation
Presenter: Edward Schlee, Arizona State University

2:10 p.m.Refreshment break
Session Chair: Rabah Amir
2:30 p.m.Supermodular comparative statics
Presenter: Lukasz Wozny, Warsaw School of Economics
3:05 p.m.Dynamic pricing of green goods under discounted network effects
Presenter: Rabah Amir, University of Iowa
3:40 p.m.Refreshment break
Session Chair: Bernard Cornet
4:00 p.m.Mislearning from Censored Data: The Gambler’s Fallacy in Optimal-Stopping Problems
Presenter: Kevin He, Harvard University
4:35 p.m.Cost Efficiencies and Upward Pricing Pressure
Presenter: Jéssica Dutra, University of Kansas
5:10 p.m. Closing Remarks: Milena Stanislavova, University of Kansas
5:15 p.m.Depart for Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (dinner at Rozelle Court restaurant)